Kodaikanal City Guide

The word Kodaikanal means gift of the forest in local language. Kodaikanal is the most stunning and famous hill station in Tamil Nadu located in the famous Palani Hills in Western Ghats and popularly known as the Princess of hill stations.

Kodaikanal Hill Station - Tamilnadu

The thick forest with many varieties of trees, the huge massive rocks in the wilderness and the cascading waterfalls makes it a real gift for the tourists visiting this place. Kodaikanal is situated about 7,200 feet from the sea level the various entertainments available to the tourist is that they can indulge in various activities like cycling, boating, horse riding and trekking.

Very popular for plums, pears, eucalyptus oil, , and homemade chocolates. The most known familiarity is Kurinji flowers, which blossoms only once in twelve years. In the Tibetan refugee bazaar, woolen clothing is available at cheaper rates.

Kodaikanal is predominantly observed with Christian culture and as a result can visit many churches. Kodaikanal is the most preferred honeymoon destination in South India because of its scenic beauty and it has the attribute to leave any nature lover enthralled by its charms.

Main Attractions :

Pillar rocks are the formation of three granite boulders which are seen standing vertically shoulder to shoulder and a very famous attraction among tourist measuring a height of about 400 feet from the ground and the chambers that are seen between the two pillars are known as Devil's Kitchen. The Pillar Rocks have gained popularity as the years have passed by and during the peak season there is a huge crowd of people to visit this place. The shady woods that are in the neighborhood of these huge boulders are a perfect spot to enjoy a picnic.

Bryant Park on the Eastern side is another vital botanical park that must not be missed by tourists visiting Kodaikanal as it houses many varieties of flowers, seedlings, birds, rafts as well as hybrids. A glasshouse in the park contains huge varieties of flowers, ferns and other multi – colored and ornamental plants. It was the British forest officer by the name Bryant who established this park in the year 1980 and so the name came. Annual vegetable and flower show is held during the month of May so that huge flock of tourist can enjoy and take part in this event.

Coaker's walk situated about 1 km from the lake provides very beautiful picturesque view of the plains as well as scenic valleys that is sure to bring a joy in the minds of the visitors. Coaker's walk is named after Lt. Coaker, who is well known for preparing the map of Kodaikanal. The ideal time to visit this place is afternoon as mist will start to shed over the place and environment. A telescopic view house is there at Coaker's walk that will provide a good overall view of the valley, plains and the nearby towns and ideal for tourist to take photo snaps.

Kodai Lake is an artificial lake that will be in the star shape which is spread over 60 acres with all beautiful green lushes around. Boat club is one of the main attraction which offers pedaling and rowing boats with different seating capacities at best charges. Apart from boating, cycles and horses are available for rental in the lake area and the time would simply flew away with this kind of entertainment. The Kodai Lake is a favorite spot for all types of ages who likes to have fun and enjoy outdoor activities and boating along the beauty of the lake will be a cherish able everlasting memory for the tourist.

Green Valley View was earlier known as the and it provides a picturesque and panoramic view of the plains, valleys, hills and the Vaigai dam. A definite spot that any tourist should not miss is the viewpoint and where you can see plenty of monkeys, an added attraction to the adults and kids. Best time to visit this place is after late morning and before early evening as the mist will cover the whole region shielding the beauty of the place. Deep, dense and threatening would be the valley below this point which is more than 5000 feet down.

Bear shola is the best waterfalls in Kodaikanal and the name originated since in earlier days bears used to come and drink water from this fall. It is ideal to visit the Bear Shola Falls during rainy season to see the falls with fullness and overflowing. Also one of the most ideal picnic spots in Kodaikanal town attracted by many domestic tourist as it is easily accessible and the way to this falls is a rugged hill path and so a suitable vehicle might be needed.