Wayanad - Kerala Hill Stations

Wayanad - Hill Station - Kerala

Wayanad is one of the prettiest hill stations which is submerged in greenery to be nicknamed as the 'Green Paradise'. Wayanad sprawls over an area of about 2132 sq. Km and shares its border between the states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Drenched in greenery, Wayanad is a picturesque destination brimming with nature's abundance in the form of sprawling tea plantations, various spice plantations, spectacular landscape, enchanting waterfalls, mist-clad mountains, green valleys, beautiful lakes, freshwater springs and rich flora and fauna. This pristine land is a great eco-tourism spot as well as an adventure tourism location.

Hill Station - Wayanad

The historical and cultural significance of the place makes it a must-visit destination to explore the heritage of Kerala. The cravings on the Edakkal Caves are the sign and proof of human existence in these caves during the Neolithic age. Staying in treetop houses in Wayanad offers a unique experience of exploring jungle life.

Best Time to Visit : September-April is the best time to visit Wayanad. February to May is the peak season.

Best Time to Visit:

  • Wayanad can be visited throughout the year. But October to May is regarded as the best time to visit Wayanad.
  • Wayanad experiences variations in temperature between 20 degree Celsius to 35 degree Celsius during the summer months of March to May. Mornings and evenings are the most preferred time for sightseeing while peak afternoons are avoided during the summer season. The winter months from October to February is regarded as the peak tourism season in Wayanad. The weather remains misty and breezy during the winter days with temperature ranging between 10 degree Celsius to 24 degree Celsius. Monsoon hits Wayanad between the months of June to October. The weather remains humid during this season with temperature ranging between 17 degree Celsius and 29 degree Celsius.


  • Wayanad is nicknamed as the Ooty of Kerala because of its picturesque views and pleasant climatic conditions as that of Ooty.
  • Because of the lush greenery surrounding the region, Wayanad is fondly known as the "Green Paradise".
  • It is the only district in Kerala which shares its borders with Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.
  • Wayanad owns the only earth dam in India, namely Banasura Sagar Dam which is also the second largest earth dam in Asia.
  • Wayanad also houses the only pine forest of Kerala known as chandanathode.
  • Wayanad also owns the only Luv Kush Temple and the only mirror temple in Kerala.
  • Way to Reach :

    By Air : Calicut International Airport is the nearest airport to Wayanad which is located at a distance of 65 Km. On arrival at the airport, you can make use of the local taxis or bus to reach Wayanad.

    By Train: Calicut Railway Station is the nearest railway station to Wayanad which is located at a distance of 87.2 Km. On arrival at the station, you can make use of taxis or buses to reach Wayanad.

    By Road : Wayanad is well-connected by a wide network of roads from different parts of Kerala as well as Karnataka. KSRTC buses are available from all nearby cities like Bangalore, Mysore, Kochi, Chennai and Trivandrum to Wayanad.

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