Alappuzha - Beach

Alappuzha - Beach Kerala (Venice of the East)

A trip to South India is never complete without visiting its pristine beaches. A beach is liked by everyone. Young people can go for various types of water sports based on the availability and geographical conditions, whereas others can enjoy sun bath and relax on beaches. Some of the beaches have facilities for camp fire which is a preferred activity during the winter season.

Alappuzha Beach

Among all the South India beaches, one of the most popular ones is Alleppey Beach. The city of Alleppey is also known as "Venice of the East" due to its pristine beauty.Alleppey Beach is located in the district of Alappuzha (also known as Allepey) in Kerala. Alleppey is situated just 65 km away from Kochi, most of the travellers visiting Kochi include Alleppey Beach in their list of important tourist spots.

Once the Viceroy of British India Lord Curzon visited Alleppey and immediately fell in love with the beautiful constructions of canals, natural beauties like sea beaches, backwaters and lagoons. He later called it as Venice of the East

Alleppey Beach has remained very important in the maritime history of Kerala. Travellers and adventure lovers take complete fun here performing boat racing, yachting, pedal boating, etc. The place is acclaimed for the easy availability of marine products. It has also become a popular picnic spot. The presence of Vijaya Beach Park is another attraction for tourists that offers several entertainment facilities.

On the other hand, the houseboat facility in the backwaters of Alleppey is no less a big comfort than a hotel. As Kerala is mostly famous for houseboat cruises, you would find that houseboats are having complete furnished bedrooms, kitchens, balcony for sightseeing, modern toilets etc.

These houseboats are mainly designed for offering the travellers an uninterrupted sightseeing and breathtaking view of the backwaters and the surrounding natural vistas.This is the best offering for a family or honeymoon couple. Altogether, Alappuzha Beach is an amazing place to visit whenever you plan for a tour to Kerala or other parts of South India.

A small park is present near Alleppey Beach. It is one of the best places for spending evening moments under the serene flow of wind from the sea side. The large structure of Alleppey Lighthouse also attracts the visitors.

Alleppey Lighthouse is open to the visitors between 3 to 4:30 pm on every week days. Built in the year 1862, this place was one of the busiest ports and trade centres of Kerala. This is one of the places where foreign trades flourished a lot with the Dutch, Portuguese and the British during 18& to 20th centuries. With its landmark Lighthouse, the place has now become an attractive tourist spot.

Alleppey has great history and its name is mentioned in several archaeological records. The world famous travellers of the 1st and 2nd centuries, Pliny and Ptolemy mentioned the name of this city in their classical works. On the other hand, St. Thomas, one of the 12 favourite disciples of Jesus Christ visited the place and preached Christianity in 52 AD.

The other attractions in Alleppey Beach that draw tourists across the world are Krishnapuram Palace, Ambalappuzha Sri Krishna Temple, Edathua Church and the charming view of azure Arabian Sea.

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