Biligiriranga Hills - Karnataka Hill Stations

Biligiriranga Hills - Hill Station - Karnataka

A paradise between the Western Ghats and the Eastern Ghats is BR Hills. Biligiriranga Hills has an assortment of flora and fauna with opulent landscapes. Places like Dodda Champak Mara (Dodda Sampide Mara) have spirituality entwined within them. There is a thousand-year-old tree here, a splendid coffee estate, Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple, and BRT Wildlife Sanctuary.

Biligiriranga Hills

The terra is perfect for trekking, fishing, and river rafting too. Local artifacts and handicrafts are available here for tourists to meet their souvenir expectations. The camps here are real and exotic which is equally backed by Jungle Safaris.

An opportunity to spot wild animals like Tigers, Elephants, Jaguars, and Leopards. The camp naturalists in the surroundings will guide travelers to explore forests with all sorts of adventure. The irresistible campfire zones in the evenings make travelers enjoy their travel during winter.

The best thing about traveling to BR Hills is about learning the unique lifestyle of Tribes. For centuries, the Soliga Tribes are carrying out activities such as honey and turmeric collecting, and silk weaving. The tribal hamlets of Biligiriranga Hills make a traveler learn the way of life in a different setting.

BR Hills Highlights:

Biligiriranga Rangaswamy Temple: Lord Ranganatha is the presiding deity of this shrine on the highest peak of the BR Hills. The only temple in India the deity is seen in a standing posture. The annual car festival falls on the Vaishaka month (April) and Ratha Festival is likewise an important event in BR Hills. The Soliga Tribes show their devotion toward Lord Ranganathaswamy presenting him a 1 foot 9 inches giant slipper made of skin every two years. (1km away)

BRT Wildlife Sanctuary: Between the Tungabadhra River and Kaveri, BRT Wildlife Sanctuary spreads over an area of 540 A place to spot the endangered population with cherishing avian life. While Jeep Safaris feed their own experience, elephants ride is a must-do activity here. Four-horned antelopes, elephants, gaurs, barking deer, giant flying squirrel, leopards, tigers, sloth bears, and 254 species of birds are found in this thick territory. (1 km away)

Fishing and River Rafting: The holy Cauvery River is a beautiful spot for river rafting and fishing. The lush surroundings give travelers the chance to trek and spot rare wildlife.

Dodda Sampige Mara: Believed to be 2000 years old, the Big Champak Tree has many lingams around it. The height of this holy tree is 34 m and width is 20 m. (24 km away)

BR Hills Shopping: Buy tribal artifacts, handicrafts, and forest products legally in this terra. Purchase Ayurvedic plants, juices, pickles, and handy tribal products from the Tribal Resource Centre.

Best Time To Visit:

Between November and March, this place looks the prettiest. The perfect time to climb, trek, and engage in all outdoor activities. The dry weather makes it convenient for wildlife enthusiasts to explore the pathways of BRT Wildlife Sanctuary. The nights are extremely cold and so woolen blankets should be an essential kit in the camping bag. Summer is the best time to spot wild animals. The temperature is moderate and bearable making the overall experience pleasant. A destination to look for bikers and fishing activities are great to catch up with during mild summers here. From July to September, rain gears are essential for pluviophiles to explore the core character of this picturesque place.

Way to Reach:

By Air: Mysore Airport is the nearest domestic airport. For foreign tourists, 220 km away is the Bangalore International Airport. Coimbatore International Airport is the nearest one.

By Rail: Boarding a train from Bangalore to Chamarajanagar Railway Station is the best option. While Mysore junction is just 66 km away from BR Hills.

By Road: KSRTC Bus services connect Kanakapura, Chamarajnagar, and Kollegal to this beautiful hill station. Buses from Bangalore is also an option for both kinds of tourists.

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