Malpe Beach

Malpe Beach - Karnataka

Malpe Beach has pleasant mornings and relaxing evenings on the stretches of the golden-brown sandy grounds. Udupi in Karnataka is the nearest and famous tourist attraction nearby.

Malpe Beach

Temples like Balarama, Ananteshwara, and ineffable islets in close proximity have a tranquil atmosphere for riding boats.

An exquisite experience to cherish for life when you come to this South Indian State - Karnataka.

Backed up a huge local population on weekends, Malpe is the perfect weekend getaway.

The sight of young children playing in the sand and building sandcastles are beautiful.

Visiting this beach is an experience to cherish for an entire lifetime.


Malpe Beach is a natural harbor and the prominent profession here is fishing.

Nearest place to Udupi, a place for divine seeking from Lord Krishna.

Seafood is at its best in Malpe Beach due to the richness of marine life here.

Sunrise and Sunset views from this region are blissful.

Temples near this beach have a silent atmosphere.


  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Angling
  • Riding on Camels
  • Parasailing
  • Banana Boating
  • Playing with Kites
  • Temple Visit
  • Seafood Cuisine

Best Time to Visit:

Winters are the best time to visit Malpe Beach in Udupi. October to February is the best time to visit this beach. Temperature ranges from 10 - 30 degrees Celsius. However, during March, Rama Navami is celebrated. Other than that, Holi, Shivratri, and Dussehra are celebrated with a lot of pomp. Every two years, Paryaya festival is celebrated in Udupi Krishna Temple supported by the joyous folklores, dance, and music. From July to September, Udupi has average to above average rainfall. Pre-monsoon is a good time to capture the exact charm of Udupi. Summers are hotter still evenings are cold, the best time for admiring the sunset and taking part in water sports.

Way to Reach:

By Air: Mangalore Aiport is the nearest and Mangalore is just 55 km away from Malpe. Both prepaid taxis and public transports are available to reach Malpe Beach.

By Rail: At a distance of 10 km, the nearest railway station from Malpe Beach is in Udupi.

By Road: Malpe is connected with major cities and there is operation near Malpe Beach line, an easy way to reach all other destinations in Karnataka.