Kudremukh - Goa

Kudremukh means Horse Face, is a hill station situated in the Chikmagaluru district of Karnataka. The name Kudremukh is shared by both the hill station and a small peak which is shaped like that of a horse face.

Kudremukh - gao

Popular for its exotic beauty and biodiversity, Kudremukh remains a popular weekend getaway for the people of Bengaluru. This scenic hill range in the Chikmagaluru district with its grasslands, thick glades and woodlands is a great hotspot for a weekend getaway.

Kudremukh is the largest reserve of tropical evergreen forest in Karnataka and is the origin of the three rivers namely, Tunga, Bhadra and Netravati.

Activities to do in Kudremukh

The picturesque hill of Kudremukh offers the best in holidaying experience in the south of India. After a rejuvenating experience in Kudremukh, you would go back with cherishing memories. One of the beat activities to do in this hill station includes trekking which lets you a chance to explore the great landscape of the region. The trail is a mesmerizing one and you would be witness to enchanting routes taking you far away from the maddening crowds. You can indulge yourselves in one of the following activities.

  • Camping
  • Bike ride
  • Trekking
  • Hiking
  • Jungle safari
  • Weekend getaway
  • Facilities in Kudremukh

    Food and beverages:

    Kudremukh has a number of hotels, coffee shops, snack kiosks, resorts, restaurants and wine parlors. During your trip to Kudremukh, you should try out the great local cuisine which has an aromatic flavor cooked out of the fresh and natural vegetable and fruits grown there.

    Public facilities:

    Public facilities such as police stations, transport, public toilets and security are available readily in Kudremukh and in the areas around the hill station.

    Attractions at Kudremukh

    With mountainous paths unwinding over narrow creeks and enchanting waterfalls appearing as if from nowhere, Kudremukh is a blissful vacation spot. You can just lay down the painful stress back home and relax to your heart’s content here. At Kudremukh you have the opportunity to indulge in visiting a number places that catch your fancy. A few that should not be missed are listed out here.

  • Hanuman Gundi falls
  • Kudremukh peak
  • Horanadu
  • Lakya dam
  • Gangamoola
  • Janta market
  • Kalasa
  • Best time to visit Kudremukh

    As a hill station, the months of March to June make the best time to ward off the heat and get packing to Kudremukh.

    How to reach

    By air:

    The Mangalore airport is situated at a distance of 190 kilometers from the hill station is the nearest airport.

    By rail:

    The nearest railway station is at Mangalore at a distance of 113 kilometers from Kudremukh.

    By road:

    There are many bus and taxi services which you can rent to reach Kudremukh from anywhere in the state.

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