Agumbe - Goa

A quaint village situated in the Shimoga district of Karnataka. Also called as the ‘Cherrapunji of the South’ after the exotic hill station of Cherrpunji in the north of India, Agumbe is a beautiful hill station.

Agumbe - Goa

Filled with pristine rainforest, Agumbe is known as ‘Hasiru Honnu’ which means green gold. This is because Amboli has a vibrant number of medicinal plants including rare species like Ficus, Garcinia, Eugenia and Hoiligarna.

The highest rainfall in south India is recorded in Agumbe making it a great place to visit with a number of waterfalls, creeks, rainforests and lowlands.

Activities to do in Agumbe

A secret nature trove hidden behind the hills, Agumbe is a picturesque beauty that is ideal for trekking. The beauty of this place is portrayed in the series Malgudi Days based on the famous R.K. Narayan’s novel. Located in Malnad, Agumbe is covered by lowland rain forests. Agumbe has an important contribution to the protection of the biodiversity of this country. Many Medicinal plants are developed here which are used in many traditional methods of healing. The number of things to do in Agumbe is a never ending list.

  • Nature walk
  • Trekking
  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Sightseeing
  • Facilities in Agumbe

    Food and beverages:

    Agumbe has a number of hotels, coffee shops, snack kiosks, resorts, restaurants and wine parlors. During your trip to Agumbe, you should try out the great local cuisine which has an aromatic flavor cooked out of the fresh and natural vegetable and fruits grown there.

    Public facilities:

    Public facilities such as police stations, transport, public toilets and security are available readily in Agumbe and in the areas around the hill station.

    Attractions at Agumbe

    Covered with misty hills and cascading waterfalls which are enveloped in a dose of rainforests, Agumbe is a pristine hill station with much and more places to visit than you can imagine. It lies in the Western Ghats and receives the heaviest rainfall in south India. One of India’s most mesmerizing and untouched hill stations, Agumbe is home to the country’s only Rainforest Research Station. A number of places which like magnet allures people to this pristine hill station. Some of the places that are truly worthy to visit include,

  • Jogigundi falls
  • Sunset point
  • Koodlu theertha falls
  • Agumbe rainforest research station
  • Kundadri
  • Agumbe Ghat
  • Onake Abbi falls
  • Barkana falls
  • Best time to visit Agumbe

    The months of November to February makes the best time to visit this little town as the monsoon brings heavy rainfall making it difficult to go out and enjoy the place.

    How to reach

    By air:

    The nearest airport is situated at Mangaluru with a distance of 95 kilometers from Agumbe.

    By rail:

    The famous Udupi railway station is the closest railway station to Agumbe with a distance of 50 kilometers.

    By road:

    Agumbe is well connected by roads and travelling is a pleasure as in every turn you get to see a great sight.

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