Vagator Beach - Goa

Vagator Beach - Goa

The lash of waves against dark lava rocks gives an impression of a dynamic scene from a movie. The Vagator beach in Goa houses a number of these rocks formed by lava, most of which lie on the shores of the water. Lined with beautiful beach shacks which are surrounded by shady coconut trees, Vagator is a serene beach whose waters are crystal clear and make for a great place to take a swim in. .

Vagator Beach - Goa

The entire beach is lined with rocks that add to the allure of Vagator. A picture perfect postcard, Vagator beach flaunts slivering sands ornate with black rocks and trees that sway to the whims of the wind. The inhabited area round the beach is filled with old Portuguese bungalows and local farmhouses.

The remnants of the Chapora Fort can be seen on the northern side of the Vagator beach. If you return to the beach in the evenings, you can see the men returning from the beach eagerly welcomed by children and women dressed in colorful attire who greet them and celebrate the day’s catch.

You can even talk to them and let them fill you on the adventures of the sea. The local market serves as a great place to shop for souvenirs to take back home.

Best time to visit:

October to March is the best time to visit Vagator beach.

Things to do:

Swimming, shopping and parasailing.

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