Palolem Beach - Goa

Palolem Beach - Goa

One of Goa’s most prominent beaches, Palolem beach is a laid back place wrapped in coconut and palm trees. This gem was discovered over a couple of decades ago and has, ever since, remained a charming place for tourists and visitors. It is now a beautiful spot with a friendly, laid back pace and a lot of accommodations to take in. if you are looking for a place to sleep with the basking on you, relax, take a massage or yoga, Palolem is the ideal spot for you.

Palolem Beach - Goa

The clump of coconut trees and palm trees lined up on the shore gives you a great place to relax under the shade during summers. The water is moderate and not so rough, giving you a good chance of taking a dip or letting the sea soak up your feet with the reclining waves pulling your feet towards the sea. The beach offers a succulent atmosphere which is different from that of the other beaches in Goa. The cottages in the beach are unique in their cultures and offer the best accommodation for tourists. If you wish to relish in the blissful sun around shady palms and smelling the sea air, a vacation in Palolem is the ideal option.

Best time to visit:

October to May makes the best time to visit Palolem beach.

Things to do:

Camping, dolphin spotting, boat ride and Ayurvedic massage.

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