Morjim Beach - Goa

Morjim Beach - Goa

As the evening sun sets, a deep melancholy drops over the beach of Morjim, Goa. The coastline is aligned with the last red rays of the setting sun, making the sea a hollow blue with clouds of waves lapping against the shore. You can see the evening lights flickering to come alive in the shops lined along the coast.

Morjim Beach - Goa

Morjim beach of Goa is well known for the serene tranquility is wades off for its visitors. Also known as ‘Turtle beach’, Morjim is the habitat of the spectacular olive ridley sea turtles. In Morjim, you can indulge yourselves by bird watching and going on cruises for dolphin sighting.

This beach is scarcely populated which makes it a haven for people looking to relax and rejuvenate under the shady palm trees. The golden sands of Morjim gleam as the morning sun smiles down on the beach walkers.

The beautiful villas and beach houses make a great place to hang around and take in the grandeur of the Arabian Sea throughout your vacation.

Best time to visit:

October to March is a great time to visit Morjim beach.

Things to do:

Dolphin sighting, bird watching and swimming.

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