Anjuna Beach - Goa

Anjuna Beach - Goa

Anjuna is not the usually popular beach of Goa. Instead it has a long history of hippies and the flea market it houses grabs the attention of many. The beach stretches for almost 2 kilometers and is known for its rocks along the sea side where you can go out to in the early mornings, sit and catch some pictures.

Anjuna Beach - Goa

Among others, the flea market in Anjuna is something to crave for. It come alive every Wednesday and was started by hippies who sold Levi Jeans and jewelry to fund their stay. Nowadays this flea market is laden with shopkeepers selling handmade wooden or metal home décors, jewelry, tees, spices, bedspreads and pillow covers from Rajasthan.

The beach is a sprawling stretch of golden sand with a number of beach shacks to choose from to try out the variety of Goan cuisine. During the monsoon the beach retains a still silence devoid of tourists due to the continuous rainfall.

The number of different bakeries, cafés and restaurants in Anjuna is a must try options. Apart from that the variety of water sports along the beach is a great way to spend your vacation in this beach.

Best time to visit:

October to March is the best time to visit this beach.

Things to do:

Shopping, go-karting and surfing.

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