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Chandragiri Fort - Andhra Pradesh

Exploring the history of our country is really an inspiring thing to do in one's lifetime. The age-old temples, forts, palaces and monuments play a major role in reflecting the history of the place. Each state of India is so blessed with such historically and culturally significant sites that bespoke the glorious past of the country.

Chandragiri Fort

The Chandragiri Fort that situates close to the famous temple town of Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh is amongst the very few forts in India that can be proclaimed as a treasure trove of rich heritage.

This historic 11th-century fort was built by the Yadava Naidu Kings. For over three centuries they lived here and governed the state.

Later in 1367, the great Vijayanagar Empire set up their capital at the Chandragiri Fort. Now, this Fort is under the control of the Archaeological Survey of India.

The Raja Mahal which is now an archaeological museum and the Rani Mahal are the major attractions at the Chandragiri Fort which displays the Indo-Saracenic architecture of the Vijayanagar period.

The crowning towers of the Palace looks spectacular with Hindu architectural elements. Another speciality of the Palace is that it is made up of stone, brick, and lime mortar and no timber is used in its construction.

The museum is categorized into different galleries like stone gallery, bronze gallery, model gallery and Yaganti gallery which displays a large collection of artefacts like coins of the Vijayanagara period, models of various temples, forts, museums, full chain mails, etc.

The life-size replicas of Vijayanagara rulers in metal and stone also form the major exhibit of the museum.

The chronicles of the foregone era that are on display at the museum are inspiring and worth looking at.

The Fort complex consists of many statues of Kings and Queens and you will also find that several statues are damaged which indicates that the Fort has witnessed some attacks of the enemies.

What is Special:

The marvelous Chandragiri Fort is admired as the last capital of the royal Vijayanagara Empire.

Chandragiri Fort is the finest masterpiece of Indian art and architecture.

It is believed that one of the last Kings whom the British called as Rajah, signed the document granting Chennai to the British at this Fort.

Chandragiri Fort belongs to the 11th century and was built by the Yadava Naidu Kings who ruled there for over three centuries.

It is believed that Sri Krishna deva Raya who was a great emperor of the Vijayanagara Empire spent his childhood in this Fort.

It is also believed that some of the great Kavyas like the Manucharitra and Amuktamalyada were composed at the Chandragiri Fort.

The Chandragiri Fort houses two beautiful palaces called Raja Mahal and Rani Mahal.

The Raja Mahal which is now preserved as an archaeological museum reflects the Indo-Saracenic architecture of the Vijayanagara period.

The palace of the Queen of Chandragiri is known as the Rani Mahal which was built in the same architectural style as that of the Raja Mahal.

What you will experience:

The Chandragiri Fort is one of a kind historic site that satisfies the interest of history buffs. As you enter the Fort complex you will catch the sight of the King's Palace called the Raja Mahal and the Queen's Palace called the Rani Mahal. You can also witness here eight ruined temples of Saivite and Vaishnavaite deities. If you are interested in archaeology, you can make use of your time enhancing your knowledge about the past from these remnants. Unlike other palaces in the country which are huge and magnificent, the Raja Mahal is quite simple yet architecturally impressive. Not only the architecture but also the artefacts that are displayed inside the Raja Mahal draws the attention of the visitors.

The model of the entire Chandragiri Fort complex was extremely interesting to look at. The Fort complex is enveloped in green with huge lawns and beautiful gardens which is not only a visual treat for the eyes but also offer an area for relaxing. You can also see children playing around the lawns. The beautiful landscape of the place and the fresh air gives you a soothing feeling. There is a small lake near the Fort complex where people enjoy boating. Apart from all this, the spectacular sound and light show at night create an extravaganza that greatly entertains the crowd at the Chandragiri Fort. It will give you the complete historical background of the Chandragiri Fort which is very useful and informative.

Best Time To Visit:

Chandragiri Fort in Andhra Pradesh can be visited through the year. But it is better to avoid the summer season to explore the Chandragiri Fort. So, to avoid the extreme heat and humidity of the summer, most of the tourists prefer the months of February to April as well as October till November to visit the Chandragiri Fort.

Way to Reach:

By Air: Tirupati International Airport is the nearest airport to Chandragiri Fort which is situated at a distance of 31.7 Km.

By Rail: Tirupati Central Railway Station is the nearest railway station to Chandragiri Fort which is situated at a distance of 16.7 Km.

By Road: Tirupati Central Bus Station is the nearest bus station to Chandragiri Fort which is situated at a distance of 16.8 Km.