Anantagiri Hills - Andhra Pradesh

Anantagiri Hills - Hill Station - Andhra Pradesh

Explore gorgeous waterfalls, beautiful trekking routes, small rivulets, ancient caves, and stay in camping sites in Ananthagiri Hills, just 90 km away from Hyderabad. The tributaries of the Krishna River enhance the overall nature of the Anantagiri Hills.

Anantagiri Hills

Nestled inside deep ravines and rocky pathways, Ananthagiri is an explorer’s delight for rock climbing, camping, and trekking. The Temple Anantha Padmanabaswamy Temple is a precious spot for prayers.

The nearby caves and pools are interesting places to study and explore whenever boredom gets the better of a traveler. The light and dark shades of green emulating scenes like heaven is a bliss for the coffee loving population. A must-do activity to take part in broad daylight.

Himayathsagar and Hussainsagar get water from this dense hill station. Anantagiri is the birthplace of Musi River which joins River Krishna At Wadapally in Nalakonda district.

One trekking route starts from Ananta Padmanabaswamy Temple while the other one starts from a distance of 0.5 km from the temple.

Highlights and Nearby Attractions:

Anantagiri Hill station is one of the earliest homes of the forest-dwelling civilization.

The Nawab of Hyderabad had built the Anantagiri Temple 400 years ago. Look at the religious harmony!

Tyda Park is a place to camp, watch rare bird species, and interact with wildlife at a safe distance.

Muchukunda River or Musi River originates from here and it is a lifeline to the Hyderabad city.

The Badrinath of South, originating from Nallamala Hills, Bhavanasi Lake dip is a holy activity.

Visiting Lord Shiva Temple before one of the deepest and largest caves in India is a divine and adventurous experience.

Gallikonda Viewpoint offers breathtaking bird-eye views.

Dolphin’s Nose rock at a height of 357 m with a towering lighthouse is a beautiful attraction.

Pepper Vines shading coffee shrubs amidst tall trees is quite a scene in the coffee plantations.

A 2 km nature trek to Katiki Waterfalls, educational tour to the Tribal Museum, purchasing tribal-made souvenirs, and a visit to the enormous Nagasamudram Lake are must-do activities in Anantagiri hills.

Best Time To Visit:

Best visited from October to April but it is a year-round destination for trekkers. And, less crowded during the summer season. Hikers often find winter season to be working decently for their adventurous pursuit. Temperature ranges from 16 to 22 degrees Celcius. Swimming, camping, lazy strolls, and relaxed trekking is best done in the comfortable winter season. Rain gorges in at the right time from July to October, making it an ideal time for honeymooners. Relaxing and enjoying rain is the only option since most of the outdoor adventure activities are closed during this time of the year. There is intense heat during the summer season and temperature can above 40 degrees Celsius from April to June. Ironically, fauna here finds solace in the dense forest areas to cope up with the immense heat waves.

Way to Reach:

By Air: Hyderabad Airport is the nearest and is 80 km away and from there a cab will take you to the Ananthagiri Hills.

By Rail: Srikakulam is the nearest railway station, 3 km away from Ananthagiri Hills and the next nearest is Vikrabad Railway Station at a distance of 6 km.

By Road: State-owned buses and private buses offer an enjoyable ride since the connecting roads are smooth and moderately luscious. Perfect for a ride with your family.

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